Instructional Design

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Because understanding the dynamics of teaching and learning is critical in any course development or redesign effort, the Innovative Instructional Design Team partners with academic colleges and faculty to ensure academically challenging, learner-centered course environments.

Our expertise enables us to support faculty as they develop their courses, learning modules, and instructional materials. The Instructional Design Technology Specialists are experienced educators who help faculty members implement their development and redesign projects by:

  • Consulting on course design and structure.
  • Providing individual hands-on production support.
  • Providing group faculty development opportunities.
  • Sharing specialized teaching strategies, so your online, blended or face-to-face course provides an effective teaching and learning experience.
  • Supporting faculty during the delivery of the newly developed or redesigned course.
  • Helping implement strategies that increase student interaction and discussion while keeping workloads manageable.
  • Integrating your course into a course management system.
  • Supporting development of multi-media course materials (assignments, tests, etc.)
  • Helping create interactive graphics, simulations, video and audio elements.

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When you decide to develop a new course or redesign an existing course, you're never alone. Your Instructional Design Technology Specialist will act as your partner, and will help you execute your vision in a way that works effectively in your chosen teaching and learning environment.