The Innovative Instructional Design Team is your first point of contact in the development or course redeisgn process. The instructional designers will work with you to ensure your redesigned or newly developed course offers a high-quality, student-centered, academically rich experience. The  Instructional Design Technology Specialists will guide you through the course planning process, which includes:

  • Identifying relevant course funding opportunities available, if needed.
  • Creating a development plan, if necessary.
  • Identifying the audience(s) you hope to reach with your course and which course format(s) are the best fit for your goals.
  • Determining whether you want your course to be synchronous or asynchronous, blended or traditional, online or web-enhanced.
  • Identifying various multimedia appropriate for your course content and objectives.
  • Establishing a timeline for moving your course content or selected instructional materials into the LMS.
  • Identifying the type of technical support you may need and is available to you.
  • Taking advantage of faculty development opportunities and support provided through The Office of Online & Distance Education.

For questions about starting an undergraduate or graduate online or distance education program, first contact your department chair or college dean. If you have additional questions or just want to visit about opportunities, contact:

Marie Barber
Executive Director
Office of Online and Distance Education

Getting Started

Have you already taught online? Are you part of a current program? Are you thinking about starting a new program or developing a new course? Are you looking for funding for your development ideas? Do you have questions about proctoring, scheduling distance and blended classes, or ordering textbooks?

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