Faculty Development

Once you've decided to develop a new course or redesign a current course, you will want to become more knowledgeable about teaching tools, strategies, and theories. To help in this, the Innovative Instructional Design Team provides a number of development opportunities designed to assist you in becoming more comfortable teaching in your chosen course format.

The Instructional Design Technology Specialists provide one of the most important support systems for faculty who are teaching a distance, blended, or flipped course or in a traditional face-to-face classroom. To find the Instructional Design Technology Specialist assigned to your college or department visit our Contact Us page. The instructional designers provide individual consulting and assistance for faculty. They can help you meet many of the following challenges that you face developing and teaching distance, blended, or flipped courses or traditional face-to-face classroom courses:

  • Developing appropriate and manageable assessments that maintain the open-ended nature of learning while also building more definitive knowledge and skills.
  • Identifying techniques for ensuring instructor presence and a sense of community and engagement within distance, blended, and technology-enhanced classes.
  • Finding methods for ensuring access to course content and activities dependent on a range of connectivity.
  • Strategies for ensuring cross-group projects and presentations and inclusion of current relevant information within a manageable student and instructor environment.
  • Coordination with other campus units, such as IANR Media and ITS, to provide needed additional technical or infrastructure support and training.