Online Teaching

Distance Course Definition

In order for distance courses to be eligible for student financial aid & full-time status, they must meet the following University criteria, which are based upon federal regulation:

Distance education courses are delivered online via the internet, are instructor lead & instructor paced, & are designed to require regular & substantive interaction between students & the instructor & students & students, either asynchronously or synchronously, or through a combination of both asynchronous & synchronous interactions.

Distance education courses at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln are designated as follows:

  • ES (online class)
  • EX (online class on-campus testing)
  • EC (online contract class)
  • EM (courses in the MBA online program)
  • EH (Advanced Scholars online class)
faculty meeting

Our goal is to support a teaching and learning community of faculty and staff who develop and deliver courses in a wide varety of formats: fully online, blended, technology-enhanced, face-to-face. These courses may be for high-achieving high school students interested in taking college level courses, undergraduate students, or graduate students.

In our planning and best practices sections, you can find information about:

  • The first steps you should take to transform a class or group of classes
  • Who you should go to for help with instructional design consulting and technical assistance
  • Evidence-based teaching and learning practices for fully online, blended, technology-ehanced, or face-to-face courses
  • Technology solutions matched to teaching and learning strategies
  • Assessing your chosen strategies to determine if they have increased student learning
  • Managing your time and your course
  • Professional development events for faculty concerned about improving their teaching